Finally the revamp is over!!!

I guess your all saying yay 🤣 . I’m sorry that my revamps take soo long, but when I try and find good scripts it takes me ages and also I get homework from school. Anyway I do know cutenews still has a problem on the comments page, but I don’t know how to fix it 🤔 . So just wait untill the new cutenews comes out or untill I get a new news management system 😉 . You may notice that all the your site and the dowloads section have been moved to you. Anyway this layout is called Medieval Spirits. So please comment on how you like the new layout  🙄 .

[EDIT] Thanks to Scott. He gave me the page to fix the problem on the comments page on cutenews and now it’s fixed!!! So I dont have to look for a new news management system, YAY 🤣 !!! [/EDIT]

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