Who would think that we would be locked up in our houses in 2020?! It’s sad that we really can’t do anything but in the end it’s for the safety of our health from COVID-19 (coronavirus). So in the meantime I have a lot more time to blog here.

I hope you have had an awesome Easter considering that you couldn’t see all your family and friends physically. Now is the time to make use of that old skype account that you haven’t used for ages or go for a casual walk in the park that you have never been to.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been using Skype with friends wishing MSN messenger was still here. For those who don’t remember MSN messenger was the biggest messaging service of its time with heaps of customisations available. You could change the look of your username, install plugins, play interactive games with friends & family, video chat and talk to computer bots. It was just really popular chat service before MySpace, Skype and then Facebook came. Skype even had interactive games before Microsoft took over! It makes me think, what if your Favourite messaging service atm and why?

I have also found myself completing surveys/tasks that you can receive money and vouchers from. It’s 100% legit because I have been receiving the rewards straight away. The more you do, the more you’ll have for when compulsory isolation is over. Meaning you can still support your local businesses when they reopen without being more out of pocket. I plan on creating a list of surveys comparing them between each other for your convenience in the next couple of days if you like.

I know I have basically neglected this blog but I hope to bring it back to what it was like in it’s glory days. If you’re an old visitor, please let me know what you would like to see back and everyone else is welcomed to give me new suggestions too. I will me monitoring this blog a lot more now so I aim to release a new blog at least every week now.

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