It’s a new year and I’m back.

I hope everyone has had an awesome 2015 and are looking forward to a bright 2016. I know I’ve stopped blogging for ages but from working and going to trade school, I have been pretty busy. Thankfully I’m having a break from all that soon that I can finally relax.

Lately I’ve been out almost every weekend with friends that it’s been overwhelming. I’m the kind of guy that hates being at home all the time and always wants to go out, but I’m starting to reflect and thinking I go to way too many events when I should be spending at least some time at home resting up. Hence the reason why I’m “always tired” as my parents say.

I’ve been trying to go to sleep early but it’s just not working in the Melbourne summer heat and I really need the most sleep I can get considering I have to wake up at 4:20am to get ready for work. To refresh your memory I’m still working on a golf course as an apprentice gardener. I enjoy it a lot and wouldn’t change it for anything else.

And that’s where the fun and relaxation comes into place. Soon I’ll be headed off on a contiki trip to Adelaide, Alice Springs and Darwin from Melbourne. This will be my first ever holiday that it will be travelling on my own, no family and no friends, just me! Finally I will be able to relax and meet new people on my own. Plus visiting Uluru, Darwin and other towns/cities for the first time.

I’ve always wanted to go to Uluru that I attempted going there on an year 11 camp. Sadly other students deemed the trip too expensive so they pulled out and therefore I missed out. At least I was able to visit Tasmania for the first time. Anyway I know it’s going to be pretty hot in summer and humid up north but I enjoyed that kind of weather back in Port Douglas (far north Queensland) early last year when the weather was above normal.

In the next month or two I plan on sharing my experience here in multiple diary themed entries along with some photos. So yeah that will mean you won’t hear from me again for a while but I promise I will be back sooner this time than last time lol.

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