It’s time to let go of the domain.

I know I have had this domain for years but I think it’s time to let go of a domain that I don’t even refer to anymore. I will still keep for now however I’m not sure if I’ll let this expire too along with the hosting. The problem is no one leaves comments on my site anymore and I hardly have the encouragement to post here anymore because of it. It’s just like another cost of mine where I have a gym membership but I hardly use it. Unfortunately I can’t cancel that until the end of this year because it would just be a bigger waste in itself.

I’ve came to realize that I keep trying to do everything but I can’t. It’s better for me to just have a rest than be going out all the time. I always feel tired and I use that excuse for not going to the gym. A have a friend that became a PT last year but he’s so busy with placements he doesn’t really have time to be there for me every week to motivate me. I’m not keen on the idea of getting a personal trainer and paying for them when I already pay enough for a gym membership. Honestly I wished I never signed up for 2 years at the start of the new year last year. We all know that new year’s resolutions don’t always get completed or even started.

My main reason behind joining the gym was to get fitter and gain muscle but that has seem to gone out of the window and I can’t be bothered going to a gym. I can understand my mate being busy with placements for uni and everything else but it’s making me not that interested in going to the gym. Has anyone tried going to a gym, then gets bored of it and stops going? I don’t even have a eating plan and I reckon I should have something because I’m getting bored of ham, tomato and cheese sandwiches for work lunches.

Even TAFE seems like a struggle for me. I just don’t seem to get some things and find it really hard to research information on it. I want to receive another award this year but I’m not sure if I’ll get one. I’m just hopeless when it comes to theory work as I’m just a practical worker. It doesn’t help that I feel bored doing the same things over and over again. I just wish I could do something new, yeah I’m not like other people with aspergers.

The only thing that bothers me having aspergers is that I tend to not think before I post something on a social network and then I get the occasional Facebook user replying with smiley faces. I tend to take a lot of things to heart when I read them however no one can make me cry. I just end up feeling like crap.

Hence the holiday back in January wasn’t that relaxing as I thought it would be. Yeah I met a whole lot of new people that I probably won’t speak to again. Especially the ones that removed me from Facebook as soon as the tour ended! Having to get up like I’m still working is crazy. It didn’t help with me taking time off before I went when I should’ve done that after I got back (at least I know for next time). It wasn’t really a relaxing holiday until I got home. However it was a great experience into the Australian outback. Unfortunately Darwin wasn’t what I expected it to be but I guess I went there at the wrong time of the year, their “Wet Season”.

Over time I’ve been here trying to make blog posts but I keep deleting them. If there’s anything you would like to see again from my previous websites/blog posts or something new, please suggest it in the comments. It’s the only thing that will keep this blog up and running.

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4 thoughts on “It’s time to let go of the domain.

    1. Dont worry. I’ll try and do more posts this year as long as people keep commenting. Just remember it will only be under one domain now,

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