Rotten Covid

More than a month ago I unfortunately caught covid after 2 years of being covid 😷 free. It started with a slight cough on a Monday night which I didn’t think much of. Then Tuesday I couldn’t stop coughing all day. I took a rapid test 🧪 in the morning but it came back negative. So I decided I should be fine for work however I didn’t realise I had to move all this soil around into a planter box at the bottom of a hill.

It was a lot of labor work but I managed to somehow get through it with even lifting these mature magnolia trees 🌲 into place. Later that day I found out that a friend I saw the weekend came back as positive, so I got a PCR test just incase which came back positive. So for a week I ended up being stuck in the house. Wednesday came along (my first day of iso) and I started getting headaches and a temp. It probably was the worst day as I was in bed by 7pm which is unusual for me.

By Thursday I sort of lost my voice a bit and developed a runny nose. Then by Friday my nose 👃became blocked and was blocked for a while! A week later I was out of iso but wasn’t able to get rid of the cough and blocked nose! Unfortunately it stuck around with me for a month being unable to smell things but at least I didn’t lose my sense of taste!

For the majority of September I had a cough that I couldn’t control but it seems like it’s finally going (I hope 🙏)! I usually have a good immune system but this year has just proved that anyone no matter how good their immunity is, can still get colds after being locked up for multiple months.

Has anyone else experienced Covid? If so what were the symptoms for you?

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3 thoughts on “Rotten Covid

  1. I have had Covid just once back on the 3rd August 2022, the first 2 days knocked the hell out of me, one morning I woke up in a hell of a coughing fit, so bad that I went unconscious for a few minutes, coming too finding myself on the floor beside the bed with my head jammed between the bedside table & the bed. I never had any headaches or temperatures though I did lose my taste spuds. After the first 2 days I was feeling alot better and on my 6th day of iso, I went out the back to sit and get some vitamin D in the Sun 1.5 metres away from my partner talking while I turned into a lobster 🦞 from sunburn. I also got energetic mowing the back yard. Then day 7, I couldn’t wait to test to find my negative result so both my partner & I could finally physically touch each other again. After all I got Covid 1 day before my partner arrived home from 2 weeks in Victoria, so it was 3 weeks not being able to physically touch my partner. Bring on October 14th, No more Iso required if you get Covid again according to PM Albo Government.

  2. I can’t be certain but I believe you are the same Ben I had once known well over a decade ago.
    I am unable to recall how we first met but I believe it may have been through a chat client called Chatango. At the time I had gone under the name iYoshi or daFunk. I had shared a similar interest in WordPress at the time alongside my love for graphic design.
    Laying here in the early morning your name popped into my head, one of the many I had long forgotten.

    If you aren’t the same Ben G, it was a pleasure reading your blog and I hope you keep up the stories.
    It’s 5am now so I’d best sleep. Tata!

    1. Hey Josh, yeah I remember you mate. It’s the same Ben. I’ve changed my domain over the years and now just use I’m glad to hear from you again.

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