Back from the cave.

Hey guys, I’m still here. I’ve just been really lazy and busy to write a new blog post for ages. I miss the good old times when the purpose of my website was to help other people with their own websites. I first entered the internet world when I was Continue Reading


Hey, sorry about that page being up where no one could comment! Anyway I’m currently been back at school for a week and yet I still haven’t opened this site. To be honest I’ve just been too lazy to do anything. My motivation is down of which is a bad Continue Reading

Closed atm

Just saying there’s no hope of this site opening until December because of school. So don’t bother coming back until then. I’ll keep you updated via facebook and twitter of which you can find below this message.

Do I hear a coyote?

I’ve just changed the name of the site back to it’s original self “” since i’m getting older now and don’t feel that “benzo coyote” sounds like my age. Though instead of destroying that image that I created… i’m going to use it as a mascot and name it “benzo”. Continue Reading

New site coming soon!

I’m sorry to dissapoint everyone, but WEBBED is going to be CLOSED for now. I’ve given up on it because… I’m getting bored of having to do it everyday I would rather open again since it’s been a year since it was last opened and I want to interact Continue Reading