Well I have been pretty busy lately as you may have noticed. A month ago I just finished TAFE at Holmesglen leaving with a Certificate II in Horticulture and a Certificate II in Conservation & Land Management. On the last day of TAFE we had a class BBQ that was a good way to end the course. One thing I learned though TAFE is a bit like school. Like people who you think are your friends aren’t. Lol I always seem to have that tendency that people see me as weird and then go unfriend me on Facebook. Like these people did it immediately when the course finished. It was like they had enough of me but then I don’t really care what people think of me. Like seriously am I going to let someone put me down, no! I just really don’t get how these people fall vulnerable to people have a go at them. Just ignore those people, they’re the real idiots. Like seriously I wouldn’t like to waste my life with their shit. This is probably why no one has ever been able to make me cry. I always smile but probably sometimes my smiles get creepy lol.

Anyway since TAFE, I have applied for jobs once again, but wow it’s annoying. You spend most of your time looking up on a jobsite such as Seek (one of the good ones to check for Australian jobs) which can take for ages. And then you go to the effort of applying for the job and sometimes end up with a phone call for an interview, attend the interview and then never hear back from them again. But I guess that’s just the way of getting a job works, the application progress, where you’re in a group of thousands of people. Well probably not that many but you get the point. It just annoys me as it seems like no one wants to just give me a chance. And honestly I’m just fed up with not having a job. Like I don’t really blame the employers but I just wish I got somewhere instead of staying put in the same spot like a dog tied to a pole outside the local supermarket. Besides I hate it when people ask me that question “Do you have a job yet?”. Like I am trying, just give me a break!

I’m actually losing money because of not having a job. For example just recently my car had a service, they found out some things were broken and needed to be replaced. It was costly but I guess it’s better getting it done than having no car at all to get to these job interviews. Most of the jobs that I apply for require a drivers license along with a car. Only some of them ask for a manual license of which I don’t have. It was hard enough for me to get my drivers license, I don’t really want to have to do it all over again just to get this manual license. Being an young adult with aspergers doesn’t really help. But I guess it does have it’s benefits like being unique.

A couple of weeks ago my mum has discovered this aspergers group called Aspergers Victoria. I have been going to it a couple of times and have found it quite enjoyable. The people there have been really friendly that they even invited me to one of their gatherings. Like on Saturday night I went to see “Man of Steel in 2D” (yeah they have it in 3D too lol) and after the movie we went to La Porchetta. The movie wasn’t that bad but other people though overwise. I don’t really know why but I guess they’ve seen the other superman movies as this was my first one. Though I recommend going and seeing it. Like don’t listen to those movie critics if you’re really interesting in seeing a movie. They only say what they thought about the movie. They don’t exactly tell you what you will think of it, but I guess that is impossible lol. Anyway besides the movie, I had a great time and wish to continue going out with other people with aspergers. In fact I’m seeing them this coming week.

I actually had an information thing about autism and jobs on Friday and invited someone from it to the event this week. Though that information thing about autism and jobs wasn’t that helpful. Like it was meant to go for 2 hours but only went for one hour and we only talked about our careers and that’s about it. No information on how to actually get a job but then I guess this was just an introduction and I expected too much. Just hopefully I get a job somewhere down the track.

Well I pretty much covered most of the weeks of posting that I lost on this site but I have been really busy or tired to write a thing. Oh yeah there is just one thing that I forgot to mention. Just this past week I won an australian domain with free hosting for a year. I’m not really sure what to call it but I leave you with the fact that my name is Ben, I’m currently 20 and want to pursue a career in either web design or landscaping. I know they’re completely different to each other but I enjoy them both. Let me know of any ideas of what the site can be including a name for the site in the comments and I may just consider it. I have more plans but will reveal them later in the year including the name that I’ll pick.

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3 thoughts on “Hectic!

  1. it’s the usual story 93.. you need money to make money.. and when you can’t make money you just spend it, and your time, chasing your tail. Hang in there mate, something will turn up for you. I’m trying to think of a good name for your site.
    Welcome to GOLLOWS’ HOLLOW
    Around the BENd
    I’ll keep thinking..

    1. Thanks. Lol the names sound good though I also want to keep it small so then more people will get to it. However I sort of like “Around the Bend”.

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