Flying golf balls.

First I better say sorry for writing so late but I just got busy. It’s probably because I have been working at a golf course this whole week and it’s been really fun. I honestly thought it wouldn’t be that good for me but it was even though I did a couple of mistakes like blowing leaves into the bunkers and driving over the greens. Heck, I don’t even know how golf works. Anyway apart from some mistakes, it seems like a really enjoyable job. Just a shame that I wasn’t able to hand in a resume to them. The only concern I have about golf courses is that you can be hit unconscious anywhere with a golf ball. Like I wasn’t in front of the tee (I was on the side of it) and someone just hits a golf ball towards me that I felt the wind go past my right ear. Like there seems like there’s a lot people who think they can play golf but they can’t. There was a time earlier in the week where we were off the fairway and a women was whistling at us to move. I have no idea why as the golf hole wasn’t even in that direction.

People even suck at driving things like golf buggies. There was this person who was driving one and drove it straight into another vehicle. It took him a couple of times to actually figure out how to drive the thing lol. This makes me think do people suck at aiming? Like seriously how can they miss? Oh well I guess people are just getting worse at aiming lol. At least I didn’t end up in hospital or anything. Ok, that sounds a be dramatic, but then I’ve never been hit in the head with a golf ball. However I have been hit in the nose with a basketball that made my nose bleed. During my primary school years my nose just seemed to be very sensitive. Every time something hit it, it started bleeding. Like I always ended up going to the sick bay to get tissues. Thankfully my nose seems a lot stronger than what it was already.

If it wasn’t strong, It probably would’ve been punched in this week. Like besides working at a golf course, I went crazy on Facebook. I was saying things that I probably shouldn’t even mention. I sort of need to learn that people just don’t get my sense of humor the same way I don’t get there’s. I have this condition called aspergers syndrome. And no, I don’t tear down walls, swear like a trooper, ect. I only just have a mild version of it but it affects me a lot at times than can get me into trouble.

The problem is that most people just don’t understand what it’s like to have it. Just this week in the news I hear of this teenager with aspergers who was handed a homemade golf ball bomb that exploded in his hands. He ended up losing a lot of his fingers as the result of the blast. As he was doing was trading cigarettes with his so called friends. Like what get’s me the most is that he was trading cigarettes. Like I’m just clueless to why he was trading them. Though that still doesn’t give his friends the right to throw him a homemade bomb. Hopefully something happens to make these kids regret what they have done. I’m just sick of hearing  about all these bad stories of kids tortured from other kids. It just needs to stop. Sadly I can’t change anything but just talk about it.

I just wish everyone was friendly to each other but unfortunately it doesn’t seem like it will happen that way. Everyone just get’s angry at each other instead of trying to resolve their issues together.

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4 thoughts on “Flying golf balls.

  1. That story about the kid with the exploding golf ball sounds awful! I don’t understand how people can be so cruel to each other either.

    I have a few friends that have aspergers, so I understand a little about how hard it can be sometimes. Hang in there 🙂

    1. lol It wasn’t anything like that. It was an old man who accidently hit the golf ball the wrong way. It wasn’t bullying at all. P.S. Sorry about the lack of posts. I’ve been really busy again lol

  2. Classic stuff on the golf course 93! haha.. it’s a dangerous game alright.. and the bunkers are no protection at all.. seriously, why do they call them bunkers?

    1. Yeah lol. I have no idea why they call them bunkers. I guess it’s because they’re under the surface of the golf course.

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