What a week!

Wow it’s been a long week (well not exactly). It all started on Saturday last week when my right ear suddenly got blocked. I could hear anything out of it and it was really annoying me. So I went to the chemist and got ear drops for it. The person at the chemist seemed to give me a weird look as if I purposely pushed the earwax into my ear canal (as If I would do that lol). Anyway I tried out the ear drops and they basically did nothing but put a liquid into my ear which just came out when I tilt my head.

The next day I got so annoyed that I went to a doctor. But it wasn’t my doctor, it was a random. My family has been trying to look for a doctor in our area for ages and haven’t been able to really find one. Originally our family doctor was working in our area but decided to move like 15 – 30 minutes away from us. The other problem is that you sit in a waiting room for like 1 hour now catching everyone else’s viruses. We never used to have to wait an hour for a doctor. So yeah we’ve been looking for doctors recently and came across this place which was booked out until the next day. Like I never heard of a medical centre as a restaurant before. Like seriously how can it be booked out? Does anyone actually make regular bookings with their doctors? They couldn’t even give us a reference to another medical clinic so we had to go and ask the chemist next door. After getting details of this other place, we went to it and it ended up that they didn’t bulk bill. Bulk bill is basically where the government pays for your visit than you having to pay for it. It ended up that they were going to charge us $97 to see a doctor. Like that’s a rip off! Seriously who would pay that much to just see someone? At least the receptionist was nice enough to give us a reference to a clinic that does bulk billing.

So I eventually ended up getting to see a doctor. He noticed what the problem was with my right ear and started using an ear syringe to get rid of the wax. The worrying bit was that the tool that he usually uses wasn’t working so he had to use a different one on me. It actually didn’t feel that well. I felt warm water going up through my ear and then suddenly it seemed unblocked. I told the doctor but he just kept going and then my ear went back to being blocked. He still wasn’t pleased with how much wax was in there that he just kept insisting to flush it out. All that ended up coming out was dirty water, not really wax. He was going like this for 15 minutes and then suddenly my vision went blurry and I blacked out. Like I think he was doing it way too much that it was getting to my brain! So I simply laid on the bed and said it felt better even though it was still blocked. But I must admit he did seem like he didn’t know what he was doing. I was getting worried that my ear was stuffed and wouldn’t work ever again.

Then Monday came and I still had a blocked right ear. It got extremely annoying because I had TAFE and had to tell everyone about my ear, that I couldn’t hear them. So that night I ended up trying the ear drops again and that still didn’t work. Though Tuesday it was a bit better, but not 100%. I ended up deciding that I should just go and see the family doctor. Well I’m glad that I did that because within 2 goes, he got blocks of the ear wax out and I was able to hear out of the ear again! So I guess the moral of this story is to just see your family doctor and not a random because they simply won’t know how to fix your problem lol. But it’s also harder to get a doctor these days just from my experience of searching and searching.

At least my ear was fixed before the excursion I had with my TAFE on Thursday. I went to the Mansfield Propagation Nursery which is located in Skye. We basically had a tour of the whole place and it was interesting of how they propagate the plants just from leaf cuttings. It was only a half day excursion, so we had a different teacher at the end of the day. Basically with this teacher all we’ve been doing is looking and maintaining a chainsaw. We haven’t actually been able to use the chain saws until this day. At first it was a bit scary but in the end it wasn’t that bad. Though we couldn’t chop anything up as there wasn’t any wood.

At least this week wasn’t that bad. My right ear got better and I was able to hear the word “job”. I’ve just been sick of not having one. So last night I went crazy and applied anywhere like Red Rooster, Muffin Break and Woolworths. I just want a job lol. I’ve been looking for over a year and still can’t get one. Hopefully one day I get one. During next week I’m actually doing work experience. I’m looking forward to it but at the same time, I’m a bit nervous. At least I was able to meet the employer today and he seemed really friendly.

I guess that’s it of what I have to say, though I may start adding the pages back of the old bengollow.com over the weekend.

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