Rotten Covid

More than a month ago I unfortunately caught covid after 2 years of being covid 😷 free. It started with a slight cough on a Monday night which I didn’t think much of. Then Tuesday I couldn’t stop coughing all day. I took a rapid test 🧪 in the morning Continue Reading


Who would think that we would be locked up in our houses in 2020?! It’s sad that we really can’t do anything but in the end it’s for the safety of our health from COVID-19 (coronavirus). So in the meantime I have a lot more time to blog here. I Continue Reading

Back from the cave.

Hey guys, I’m still here. I’ve just been really lazy and busy to write a new blog post for ages. I miss the good old times when the purpose of my website was to help other people with their own websites. I first entered the internet world when I was Continue Reading

Doughnut Overload

I know I have been away for ages but I’ve decided to start blogging again. Last year back in August I successfully completed a Parks & Gardens Apprenticeship, of which I’m proud of myself. ATM I’m just looking for work. I’m not really fussed on if its full-time or part-time. Continue Reading