Doughnut Overload

I know I have been away for ages but I’ve decided to start blogging again. Last year back in August I successfully completed a Parks & Gardens Apprenticeship, of which I’m proud of myself. ATM I’m just looking for work. I’m not really fussed on if its full-time or part-time. All that matters to me is that I end up working for a company that I enjoy working for.

It’s the reason why I created a LinkedIn account to show myself to the world out there. I always thought I would never join LinkedIn because I’m not keen on the idea of using a social network to gain work. I just thought everyone else is joining it, so it can’t really be that bad. And it wasn’t, like I got an interview out of it because a recruiter saw my profile on it and contacted me. I just hope that this time the hard task of finding the right job doesn’t drag on for too long. The apprenticeship with a local council has changed me a lot and I’m happy it worked out so well.


But considering I’ve had spare time to do other things, I decided to line up overnight for doughnuts. Yeah that’s right, fluffy soft doughnuts. But these weren’t any doughnuts, these were Krispy Kremes.  Krispy Kreme has had a tough life in Australia since it came here. At one stage they almost went broke because they opened up way too many shops when they arrived here. Thankfully they have recovered and opened up a new dine-in/drive-thru restaurant last Friday and I happened to be the 3rd in the queue.

It was a bit silly sleeping on a hard asphalt covered car park but I really had no choice when there was a free supply of doughnuts and Krispy Kreme merchandise to be handed out. Throughout the night the new shop was very friendly and gave us free drinks and Dominos pizza. Thanks to my efforts of sleeping there, I ended up wining myself 3 months worth of doughnuts, a t-shirt, a cap, sunglasses and a doughnut inflatable.

Anyway hopefully having a dozen doughnuts per week for 3 months doesn’t make me sick of the sweet treat. Have you ever won something big?

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