new bigben coming soon…

I know I’ve all ready just opened again a month ago, but I’ve decided to make BigBen a professional site. Which means I’ll have a logo & make it change for an event (like googe), make a news system and make a shoutbox. Also I’ll have a members area for people to pm (private message) each other, get points from competitions & adding stuff to get free prize’s!

This is going to be a major update when it’s finished. In the meantime you will just see this layout for another week and then I’ll will put up a blank layout. Well not blank but saying the new BigBen is coming soon… and that layout will be permanent until the new BigBen is finished! Anyway if you have anymore ideas than me, please comment them to me. 😉

So just keep checking BigBen for news about the new BigBen. Anyway I’ve been running low on hostees and affiliates and really want more people applying. If you need to be hosted or need an affiliate just use the apply form under domain. Also I have a cold at the moment. So hopefully it goes. 🤣

P.S. My cutenews has been stuffing up lately by deleting comments from previous posts. If you notice that your comment gets deleted just email it to 😛

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