important (for matmice users): matmice is closing!!!!

eah read the title, it’s true! So If anyone uses matmice…. you can get a site from freewebs or get hosted by me. They’re closing the site on the 22nd so make sure that you save your content to notepad or make a site on freewebs and add your stuff there. If you need help with freewebs just ask me in my “ask me section”.

Anyway the new BigBen is nearly finished I just have to fix up the member script, add advertising, add the shoutbox and add the news system.

Anyway parent/teacher interviews are on Wednesday (I get the day off, lucky me 🤣 ) and the holidays start next week. The 2nd week of holidays, I’m going to Canberra. So I’ll make an album before i go so then I can put some pics up! 😉

P.S. I’m sorry that I’ve neglected this site and haven’t been posting stuff. Plus I’m gonna need a lot of help from people who visit to tell other people about this site when the new BigBen opens! So then this site will become popular!!!!

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