Unemployable? I tend to break things…

Well here I am blogging again and I’m still not employed. I’ve only had two interviews in the past week and I didn’t get either of them. I really don’t know what I have to do to make an employer employ me. I’m just sick and tired of carrying on about it but I have nothing else on my mind. After all everyone needs money to be able do things.

In terms of money, a car that I share with my brother needed a service a couple of months ago. So we ended up getting it serviced and it turned out the car had a lot of problems that needed to be fixed. It ended up costing us heaps. Then just a month a go or less, the temperature gauge goes past the H which means the car is basically cooking itself. We tried putting more water in the engine to cool it down but that didn’t work. The next morning I see the water level down, so I add a bit more water and then see green liquid (coolant) flowing from underneath the driver’s side of the car. So I took it back to the mechanic an it turned out the car had a broken water pump that needed replacing. The car just ended up costing a bit more than what it’s probably worth but the thing is we need the car or else I wouldn’t be able to get a job. At least it’s fixed though that doesn’t fix my problem of it being a shared car. Like the problems with a shared car is that you can’t always use it. That’s why I ended up at a car city looking for my perfect car, a red Ute. Yeah I love Utes, but the problem is I can’t afford them atm. In fact I can’t even buy a car!

And then here comes my HP Pavilion dv6 along with the Sennheiser PX 200-II headphones. The Sennheiser headphones just ended up becoming useless, yes they’re really good headphones, but as my usual self I ended up tearing the wire and now the left earphone won’t work. So it’s pretty much annoying only being able to hear from one side of the headphones. It’s just a shame that I don’t have money to spend on new ones.

But it’s not just the earphones that ended up broken, I ended up removing the HP recovery partition on my Pavilion laptop. This resulted in me not being able to reinstall the original drivers and software that came with the computer. So basically I was limited to the drivers and software online via the HP website which isn’t much. I just got so frustrated about it that I just had to phone up HP and order a recovery disk. I was asked what operating system is on the computer. Originally the computer was Windows 7 but I upgraded to Windows 8. I just ended up going with Windows 7, not that I’m going to upgrade to Windows 8 again anyway but that I want the original recovery. I didn’t want to end up with Windows 8 and then the computer refused to recover because it was originally windows 7. Besides the computer has a Windows 7 product key, not a Windows 8 key since I bought that separately when it came out. Thankfully this happened before the Windows 8.1 update which is coming out on the 18th of October. So I’ll be able to do a fresh restore, upgrade to windows 8, and when the Windows 8.1 update becomes available, I’ll update to that. That’s all I wanted to do (a fresh restore) when I was using hp recovery mode, but errors ended up happening and I ended up without an OS. Therefore I had to delete the partitions to create space for a new OS, however that included the Recovery one too. I should’ve just contacted HP support and saved $17.10 (which isn’t that bad to get recovery disks). Oh well I guess you learn from your mistakes.

And another thing is I can’t get my HTC Legend (dad’s old phone) back. I ended up rooting it, thinking it would make it run faster and get rid of Vodafone’s default apps without destroying the phone. But now there are things I want back like HTC Sync and the only way to get that back is to go back to the original ROM. I’ve been trying to do that but it just won’t work so now I’m stuck with a “smart” phone that I can’t get back to normal. If you know a good tutorial page to help me fix it, please send it in the comments. Thanks.

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  1. Ben! Remember me? I’m surprised I found your site again! We used to be affiliates and talked on ChatAnGo. Anyway, just wanted to day hello and that I’ll be keeping up with your blog again. I may be studying abroad (I’m from USA) in Perth, Australia next February!
    Write back!

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