Hey, sorry about that page being up where no one could comment! Anyway I’m currently been back at school for a week and yet I still haven’t opened this site. To be honest I’ve just been too lazy to do anything. My motivation is down of which is a bad thing. I just wish I could have the motivation that I had before to bring this site back up again. I haven’t really gone anywhere, I just haven’t been bothered doing the site. Ever since Facebook came into my life heaps of things have changed. There’s like one side saying open the site and then there’s the other side of me saying that it can wait. I just wish I could have the motivation to bring it back. Hopefully it comes to me sometime. Anyway I’ll try & do my best to get this site open as well as do homework for school. Please note that this site will have less layout changes than it used to have since I don’t have the time to do that stuff. But I’ve dedicated Fridays as blog writing days since it’s the last day of the school week and I can’t really be bothered doing work then lol.

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