Going golf balls.

Well the past weeks have been quite interesting ones. Firstly I ended up receiving an “achievement” award for my Certificate II in Horticulture and Certificate II in Conservation & Land Management. The night was great until I noticed that a past employer was mentioned in the booklet of who’s getting an award. It happens that I didn’t get on well with this employer and was shocked that they received an award for Employer of the Year, but I guess my TAFE didn’t know what happened behind closed doors. However I won’t really talk about what went on with this employer. After all I really should be happy that I got my first award ever! Yeah that’s right, I’ve never received an award for anything before. When I got notice about it in the mail, I was bit shocked. My brother always got awards, mentions, etc. So I was gobsmacked when I received the award. Not only did I receive a plaque (my award), but I also received a shovel and a pruning saw. Even one of my class mates received an award for “Outstanding Student” along with the same sort of gifts. The night ended with an invitation to the Zest Restaurant (a restaurant run by the students) that wasn’t too bad apart from seeing that employer again. Luckily he didn’t bother talking to me. I guess he’s just moved on and forgotten about me.

I ended up getting sick after the event but that wasn’t because of the employer, instead it was just a common cold. And it had to happen to me at the worst of times. Since getting that council job back in November last year, I’ve never once been absent. But what really mattered this time was that I had a meet and greet with the golf course that the council owns. You may ask why I was at the Golf Course. Well it turns out the Parks & Gardens department really wanted to keep me but couldn’t. I only had the option of moving to the Golf Course or being jobless. So it was wise to go with the golf course, though that wasn’t the main reason why I decided to move there. The main reason was that it was a new challenge for me, a person with aspergers, to work on their own. All the time I can’t go out unless I have someone with me. Like I basically need someone with me or I’m scared, but it’s good to challenge yourself to conquer your fears. Basically the golf course job involves me cleaning up the garden beds around the golf course keeping them as natural as possible while working on my own. I just hope I don’t have near misses like the flying golf balls article. Apparently I heard some employees wore helmets as a requirement back in the days, but I’m not so sure of that one. All I know is that I’ll probably have to watch out for them once again! The job starts this Tuesday that I’ve been nervous and excited about the opportunity. So hopefully it all goes well for me, but wow so much has happened for me in a short amount of time!

I’m just going to miss everyone in the Parks & Gardens department. I had heaps of fun there. They ended up having a pizza lunch for me on Friday as that was my last day there. But one thing that has stayed in my head is that everyone wanted my “moist” banana cake (yes I can cook too). This all started when I gave some pieces to some employees, then someone had to mention it in the weekly Wednesday meeting we have. Ever since then people have been asking for their slice of the cake. I just didn’t feel like making a cake and for my cakes you need brown/black bananas to make it “moist”. I just didn’t have the main ingredient and I think the shops only sell fresh stuff. So I doubt I’ll find mushy bananas that are great for cooking. Though if anyone is interested, I’m happy to post up the recipe for the Banana cake.

Well that’s it for the week although I still wonder where Malaysian Airlines MH370 is. They believe it’s in the “Southern Indian Ocean” but those debits could be anything. All they need to find right now is that black box (it’s actually orange lol) before time runs out as the battery only lasts 30 days on it’s own. The only problem is that weather and currents of the ocean have been delaying the search. For all you know the plane could be headed for Antarctica now!

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  1. Hi Ben. Congratulations on your award! Congratulations on your new job too, and for being willing to tackle your anxiety about working alone. I hope it goes well for you and that you enjoy it. Sorry to hear that you had trouble with your employer. Unfortunately I think that this happens fairly frequently and usually employers don’t have to take responsibility because they hold all the power. I’m glad you’ve moved on though and that seeing the employer didn’t ruin your night. Jackie 🙂

    1. Thanks Jackie. Although this post was a while ago. I’m enjoying work and hoping for it to become an apprenticeship after end of financial year which is almost here.

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