New layout!!!!

Yeah, you herd right!!! I have a new layout up. It’s just called “james blunt“. I still have to fix up all the other pages because I changed some codes 🤣 . You may notice that in the menu it says “the club [coming soon]” thats because thats going to be Continue Reading


Yeah, thats right I finally got a myspace 🤣 . Click here to go to it. Anyway this time i’m going to have a open revamp. You will notice that some pages will be closed day by day, but they will be back up when the revamp is finished. I’ll do the revamp Continue Reading

Holidays are over!!!!

Yeah, you saw the title. So I go back to school tomorrow for the last term (YAY, finally 🤣 ). Then i’m going to camp on the last Monday of October for 5 days (I might put some photos up after the camp) 😋 . So I’ll be on haitus during that week 🤣 . Continue Reading

Cool new cursors

I made 9 sets of coloured cursors. There are two cursors in a set (body and link ones) Click here to see them 🤣 . I’ll be adding more stuff to the domain because of school holidays. So watch out!!! 🤣

I’m moving to a better account!!!

Guess what? Thanks to Loni (my host) I’m moving to a better account. I’ll get CPanel (for hosting sub-domains and domains), FTP accounts (for hostees to edit their sites), Email addresses (for hostees to have their own email), MySQL Databases and lots more!!! 😄 So that means I can do the hosting myself Continue Reading

The Simpsons Movie

Since you all know The Simpsons Movie is going to be in cinemas this Thursday. I put up a countdown and here’s a funny trailer of The Simpsons Movie. I also deleted 2 sisters and made new family gifts.


It’s like been 2 months since I got the domain, so I’m trying to finish it as quick as I can. Anyway I’m redoing the domain. I’m not showing any previews. Hope fully I finish it this weekend. My school holidays have just started so I will be on the Continue Reading


Remember how I said that I might get a domain for my birthday? Well I did. It’s not finished yet, so i’ll tell you the site when it’s finished. I’m going to close this site when it opens. So all sibs and affies will be moved to the new site. Continue Reading